Nuvo Gene Tea Energy Drink

Nuvo Gene Tea™ is the first thermogenic fat burning tropical green tea energy drink designed by Glycemic Index Researchers. Nuvo Gene Tea, is the only non-drug product to address the genetic risk factors for obesity in humans, such as the FTO fat gene. Nuvo Gene Tea is safe & effective for weight management, and hunger control.

Nuvo Gene Tea contains a specially formulated Energy Matrix that provides sustained and balanced high energy levels without causing the undesired blood sugar swings, reactive hypoglycemia, or ketosis that is usually associated with most energy drinks. No “spike and No crash”! Nuvo Gene Tea is scientifically designed that by drinking 2-3 cups of Nuvo Gene Tea a day, you can burn fat while you sit at your desk or you can drink it before your daily exercise program. Nuvo Gene Tea is great for anyone looking to increase energy and burn fat throughout the day the healthy way.

  • DIT Thermogenic Fat-Burning*
  • Maximum Natural Energy*
  • Hunger Management*
  • Controls Stress-Eating*
  • Anti-Glucose Matrix*
  • Fights the Obesity Gene*
  • Diabetic Safe*

Nuvo Gene Tea is the only thermogenic fat burning energy drink ever awarded a low glycemic patent.

Try our thermogenic fat-burning Nuve Gene Tea today!

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herein are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Fat burning, weight loss, increased energy,
reduced stress-related eating, and hunger control results may vary dependent on the individual and as such are
not guaranteed.